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I think YOU are the one that can't accept reality. Putting on a bit of wait doesn't mean you're no longer thin. In her 4th of July photos, she's clearly still thin. Regardless people need to stop criticising her for her weight. She looks amazing

What reality do I have to accept? That she’s skinny?! SHE IS NOT THIN. OMFG. LET’S BE HONEST. Mariah has put on a bit of weight lately, and she has a tendency to fall quickly into chubby-ness, but that’s okay! Because who really cares anymore? As long as she’s happy and healthy! And lol of course putting on a little bit of weight doesn’t make you automatically fat but let’s face it, Mariah has put on more than just a little bit. She’s not obese, she’s just “curvier”, but she is not thin. And I agree, she does look amazing.

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Are there new Mariah videos coming? Just a question haha

The You Don’t Know What To Do video has been shot, but the release date hasn’t been announced.

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Mariah CareyCelebsSubmissionSome lambs have a problem dealing with realityShe's not thinShe has put on a little bit of weight and that's okaybecause she's happyit's not about what you thinkit's about how she feelsshe looks flawless either way