Mariah careyCelebsSubmissionLambs are going to buy anything she releasesshe could make an album of her just gargaling water and the lambily would make it go 1I would do the same tbh
Mariah careyMerry Christmas II Youo come all ye faithfulPatricia CareySubmissionThat whole album does tbh
Mariah CareyCelebsSubmissionDEAD TRUU
Mariah CareyKaty PerrycelebsSubmission
Mariah CareyAlmost Homeoz the great and powerfulSubmissionlol the song wasn't that good omgI love almost homeBut it didn't deserve to win an oscar
Mariah Careythe art of letting goYou're mine (eternal)Submission
Mariah CareyGlitter2001SubmissionGlitter as an albums is amazingthe only thing messing that era up was the movie
Mariah CareyCharmbraceletSubmissionit istrue
Mariah careytoy storyVision of LoveSubmissionNo they're not
Mariah CareyThe BeatlesCelebsSubmission